Linkin Park, "Guilty All the Same"
Linkin Park surprised fans on March 5 with the release of the debut track from their forthcoming untitled album. The song ‘Guilty All The Same’ mysteriously showed up in the feeds of Shazam user’s who searched for the band within the mobile app. Also this week at a press conference announced an upcoming tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI.

Powerman 5000, 'How To Be Human'
The bands first single in 4 years has proven that the band hasn’t lost their touch since their 1999 smash hit album ‘Tonight the Stars Revolt’ debuted. Their newest single is from their untitled album that has no release date but until more info is given on the bands next new album we still have this awesome single.

Panic! At The Disco, “Nicotine”
Love is cursed in "Nicotine," the all new Panic! At the Disco video. The ruminative but memorable black-and-white clip finds frontman Brendon Urie anguished over a beautiful model, pacing through the snow, sulking by a hotel fireplace and serving up F-bombs aplenty.  The third taste of the group's 2013 studio album, follows singles "Miss Jackson" and "This Is Gospel." The latter lends its name to "The Gospel Tour," the band's upcoming summer caravan, which gets underway on July 18th in Magna, Utah.

Howard Jones, 'Devil You Know'
Finally we get to hear what former Killswitch Engage vocalist Howard Jones' new band sounds like, and SPOILER…it sounds fucking awesome! The Devil You Know have also announced they signed a deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment, the new NB offshoot fronted by former Roadrunner A&R head honcho, Monte Conner. Conner has been busy with signings lately, and the new all-star group from Max Cavalera, Greg Puciato and Troy Sanders.

Metallica, ‘The Lords of the Summer’
Metallica promised a new song in 2014, and they delivered "The Lords of Summer." The thrash titans played Bogata, Colombia on Sunday, March 16 and played their new track "The Lords of Summer."

Monsterwork, ‘Voyager’
It was just last year that I raved about the near impossible to label album Earth Monsterworks. The band's latest is just as difficult to pinpoint and just as awesome. The band gets super deep here exploring philosophy and the end of time on this one too. So there's something there for your more heady metal head.

Z Machine, ‘Squarepusher’
Worried about the impending robot takeover? Maybe you should be. Once confined to specific tasks, automatons are now capable of activities we tend to think reserved for human beings. Case in point? This music video performed entirely by robots. Squarepusher, a popular electronic musician out of the UK, composed the piece in collaboration with Japan’s party robot band, Z-Machines. The band boasts a 78-fingered guitarist rocking out with 12 picks and a dreadlocked robot drummer.