Nothing like a little Death Metal to get you ready for the weekend. Of course, this is coming from a dude that eats, sleeps and breathes the genre but what can I say? Blast beats make me happy.

And yes, 'Mechanic Domination' is chock full of blasting brutality but the thing I dig most about the tune is the twin vocal attack. Now, twin vocals are nothing new to Death Metal, but Richard Ebish and Susan Gerl have a dynamic that really hits the mark for me. Gerl's raspy, black metal style vocals are the perfect compliment to Ebish's guttural growls. The funny part about it is that neither had ever done vocals before. Goes to show that you either got it or you don't.

The band have a helluva pedigree, too. Comprised of former members of heavyweights God Dethroned, Legion of the Damned, Asphyx and Inhume, Kill Division are savvy enough to take the metal scene by storm.

'Mechanic Domination' comes from Kill Division's debut album, Destructive Force, out October 15 on Metal Blade Records.