Steve Jobs supposedly passed away back in 2011, but one man's perfectly timed selfie may have caught him hiding out in Brazil.

So is this really the legendary Steve Jobs or just another old man in a wheelchair? Most people would say that it's not him, but not everyone believes what they're told.

Some people are speculating that Jobs has joined the ranks of numerous celebrities including Elvis, Tupac and Andy Kaufman that have faked their own death to escape the public eye.

If you like the whole conspiracy side of things you could say that the man pushing the wheelchair realized what's going on. There's fear in those eyes, the fear that the man paying him millions of dollars to keep him hidden may have just been photographed. Not an ideal situation if you've already faked your own death.

So who's right? Well we'll leave that up to you BuzzHead. Take a look at the pictures (the one above is the real Steve Jobs) and tell us what you think.