34 year old Zane Whitmore of Seattle was just hanging around the other day, by hooks in his skin from a hot air balloon! Really? WTF?

According to komonews.com: 'A man took human suspension to new heights this weekend when he allowed hooks to be inserted into his back and was then lifted nearly 11,000 feet into the air by a hot air balloon.

The stunt was part of a Portland film production company's filming of a feature-length documentary called Feet Off the Ground. Planning for the hot air balloon ride took about two years.

"This balloon suspension is really the culmination of several years of immersing ourselves in the body modification and suspension communities," Matt Morgan, co-founder of film production company Precarious Egg and one of the producers of the film, said in a press release describing the project.

"People inside this community are frequently misrepresented, with the media typically going for the shock value," said Sean Devine, also a co-founder of Precarious Egg and one of the film's producers.'

I think the media goes for shock value because sticking hooks in your back and hanging underneath a hot-air balloon at 11,000 feet is quite shocking! Most people don't just randomly want to jam hooks in their back and be hung up like a shirt. I'm not against it, or think these people are weirdo freaks or anything, but sticking freakin' hooks in your back and hanging yourself out to dry is not an everyday thing for a lot of people. So yeah, there's some shock there. I don't think these people are misunderstood, or misrepresented. I think they stick hooks in their skin and like to hang around. ANYWAY watch the video right here. It really doesn't show too much so you can do it.