You know times are tough when this is the type of question we're asking: How much money would it take for you to dunk your head in a five-gallon bucket of other people's pee?

How about $450? Because that's what one Cleveland Browns fan pocketed for doing it at a tailgate this weekend.

Just to be clear, this was a tailgate before the Browns-Bengals game. So right after he does it, he starts squirting hand sanitizer all over his head - because he still had to go sit through an entire football game - or maybe it's because he just stuck his head IN A BUCKET OF PISS!

You know, if I were a Browns fan I'd probably stick my head in a bucket of pee too. They're now 1 and 5.

Before he goes through with it, he says his wife is going to kill him if he does it, and his friends promise she won't find out.  So much for that - over 75,000 views so far and we're sure his wife is at least one of those. Moron.

Watch this guy stick his head in a bucket of pee for $450: