Memories upon memories come rushing into my head every time I hear this song.

'Halo: Combat Evolved' or as I like to call it, one of the greatest games of all time. I was strictly a Nintendo fan boy growing up. When I went to a friends house and played his Xbox, I was forever addicted. Every time you get a group of friends together for some 'Halo', good times are always had. Except the jerk that goes and gets the rockets on beaver creek. Everyone hates that guy.

Everyone's first memory of Halo is that iconic opening theme. Well two guys stumbled into an empty church and noticed it had some amazing acoustics. What better way to test it out than by singing the 'Halo' theme. Seriously, if you close your eyes it sounds exactly like it did back in the day.

Check Out This Amazing Rendition of the 'Halo' Theme Below:

Just In Case You Wanted to Check Out the Original Version: