A baby crocodile I am sure would be a very cool pet. A full grown crocodile is something I would be worried about killing me in my sleep every night.

Only in mother Russia would a guy think it is a good idea to get a crocodile as a pet. Actually if you had the space, like a huge area that was just the crocodiles, it would probably be an awesome pet. However if you are living in a small apartment, maybe a crocodile is the dumbest pet you could ever have.

The owner of the crocodile is Sergei Falkov and he said as long as you have the proper training a crocodile is a good pet. I don't know if it just me, but in this video it looks like the crocodile is definitely in control of this situation. I will not ruin this for you, but wait til the last ten seconds in the video. Are you freaking kidding me?

Check Out This Guy's Pet Crocodile Below: