Lucky for us, this chick’s cleavage is not nearly as elusive as she is. In fact, the one thing that I can tell you is that this girl is a smoking hot young model.

Of course, it does not take a profound sixth sense for a man to determine with nearly 100 percent accuracy that this rack was designed to be showed off. I mean come on, this rack is nearly perfect. You are going to have to trust us here because we take great pride in being able to spot perfect cleavage. Please have some respect – this is our job!

In fact, if you reach out and try to touch it through the computer screen you will experience a series of hot flashes and flutters that will drive you to the point of madness once your realize that you can’t actually touch them.

Unfortunately, we know this because it just happened to us… but don’t let that stop you! Apparently, this cleavage was paraded around and shown off during a 2005 Venezuela beauty pageant, but unfortunately, that was not enough to win it.

This is runner-up cleavage people! Scroll down to find out who it is...

It's Shannon De Lima!

It’s Shannon De Lima kids!

Wait a minute, who?  Well, the truth is that Shannon De Lima is not known for much of anything other than being Marc Anthony’s new love interest.

From what we can tell this super smoking hot beauty doesn’t really have any discernible talents other than being just extraordinarily hot and perfectly doable. However, in this office that is all we require!

No, unfortunately this new love puppet of Marc Anthony’s hasn’t made a name for herself in the music business or even as a B-role Hollywood actress. Not so much as one notable porn film for us to review… and yes, we are extremely disappointed. After all, we are paid to review various brands of smut featuring girls like this every day. Ok, well maybe not everyday, but there was one day sometime last year. Maybe that was a dream.

Anyway, we are sad to report that this cleavage is not attached to a girl of many talents. No sir, she is just one of those girls we would all love five minutes alone with in an Applebee’s restroom.

We’re not apologizing for that.