Just in time to get me good and fired up for their gig at the Rail Club in Fort Worth November 18, Napalm Death have released the video for "Everyday Pox".

The tune comes from yet another impressive chapter of the band's career, Utilitarian released earlier this year on Century Media and is one of those tracks that subdues the listener just before melting their face right off of their friggin' head. The chaos doesn't end with a solid blast beat straight out of what is apparently an endless treasure trove of grind riffs either. The band opted to up the ante as to what is considered extreme by adding the most chaotic sounding saxophone I've ever heard.

Like I said, Napalm Death will lay waste to the Rail Club in Fort Worth Sunday, November 18 as the headlining act for one of the most impressive lineups I've seen in a long time with Municipal Waste, Exhumed, Speedwolf, Prophecy, Interment and Power Trip. Get your tickets here.