Want to have a better cookout than your neighbor? Just get a few of these items and you will definitely take him out.

Fourth of July is tomorrow and you have to do three things at some point. Blow up stuff with fireworks, watch baseball and grill. You have to grill in style. Trust me you need everything on this list, but a few will make your fourth of July cookout one to remember.

You are going into war with this awesome apron from ThinkGeek

Photo Courtesy of ThinkGeek

Maybe a tactical vest isn't your think how about an apron that can hold everything you need to cook, including that six pack of beer. Check out Vat 19.

Photo Courtesy of Vat 19

EVERYBODY that listens to the Buzz would want this awesome fork for grilling from the guys at Stupid.

Photo Courtesy of Stupid.com

Remember that episode of 'Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia' where they invent the gun that shoots a shot of liquor into your mouth? ThinkGeek taking that concept just with ketchup or mustard.

Photo Courtesy of ThinkGeek

This last one has a hefty price tag from the guys at Hammacher. Seriously its a boat with a built in grill, umbrella, chairs, table beverage holders and did I mention its a freaking boat.

Photo Courtesy of Hammacher.com