Green Day's album Uno! is now in stores, and the band has released the official video to go along with their song “Troublemaker” from that album.

Meanwhile, the album's release has been overshadowed by the onstage meltdown of frontman Billie Joe Armstrong at the iHeart Music Festival, followed by Armstrong's admittance to rehab.

Mike Dirnt of the band has opened up about what may have happened at the festival, saying:

[The albums were] a tremendous undertaking... it catches up with you a little bit. We definitely jumped off a moving train. There were signs of things hitting the fan – we hadn't slept in forever.

Green Day has been canceling appearances relating to the release of Uno!, but are still expected to go on tour in November. Uno! is the first of three albums the band will be releasing over the coming months. Dos! will hit stores on November 13th, and Tre! will be released on January 15th.