Green Day has been promoting their upcoming three albums, Uno!, Dos!, and Tre!, and have been releasing snippets of music periodically to draw us in. The first release from Uno!, “Oh Love,” is on the airwaves now, with that album hitting shelves on September 25th. Now the band has presented their second single from that album. It’s called “Kill the DJ.”

Clearly they aren’t happy with the DJ.

Billy Joe Armstrong has explained that they wanted to come up with a song that could be used as dance music, yet they didn’t want to turn into a dance band. They seem to have found a nice balance with this song, while still maintaining the classic Green Day sound that we all know.

Online reviews of “Oh Love” have been mixed, and I have a feeling that those who were unhappy with it may like “Kill the DJ” a bit better. What do you think? Did they hit the mark on this one?