They get all the secret shows In Los Angeles, including one on Monday night by Green Day. Tickets went on sale that morning and sold out within seconds, and then that evening the band took the stage to play a 24-song set. Of the songs performed, nine came from their album Uno! which hits stores September 25th.

Before getting to the new stuff, the band started with “Welcome to Paradise” and other familiar tunes, then went on to play “Nuclear Family,” “Stay the Night,” “Carpe Diem,” and “Oh, Love,” among others. The crowd loved it, the band sounds great, and if these songs are a true preview of what we are to expect of their albums in the coming months, we’re in for a treat.

Uno! comes out first, with Dos! being released in November, and finally Tre! in January. The band has stated that the three albums don’t have a theme throughout them, and that each will have their own unique sound.

Have a listen to “Nuclear Family.” What do you think?