Governor Perry called for prayers Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ask for rain in drought stricken and fire riddled Texas.

Here's some questions I'd like to bring up.

*If God grants a wish for rain, does he take the rain from somewhere not praying as hard, or is the rain "God-given" for that area?

*Does God make it rain just for Republicans, or for Democrats as well?

*Abilene got flooding rains and large hail, so is God or the Governor responsible for the hail damage?

*Why didn't the Governor ask for God to grant our schools funds instead of just cutting their budgets?

*When you pray for rain, what is the time frame for which those prayers count? Meaning if you pray for it to rain this weekend but it doesn't rain until Tuesday, do you or God still get credit.

*Why did God make tornadoes with the rain, we didn't ask for those?

*If it rains right after my car gets washed, does God owe me a car wash?

*Does the devil make it dry?

*If praying to God can make it rain, then why don't we just ask for it to rain money so we can skip the tedious process of growing stuff?

*If I get in a car wreck on the wet roads, can I sue God?