Gnesa is an up-and-coming pop star, or at least she is in her own mind. Though her YouTube video boasts pages of comments singing her praises, the woman shouldn't be singing and has produced possibly the worst music video of all time.

The song is called “Wilder,” and Gnesa is all about going out and having a great time. She's dressed for a night on the town and looks great in clothing that barely covers her sweet spot, but is she ready for a record deal? Maybe not.

I first saw this video on an episode of Tosh.0 and had to look up the full video for myself. Gnesa hails from New York and calls herself a singer-songwriter, but I'm left wondering if the songs I make up to sing to my cat have more substance. At the very least she's trying, but is it intended as a joke?

Joke or not, everyone should experience this video at least once, if you can make your way through all 4 minutes of it. I will warn you, however, that it's something that can't be unheard, and that “La la la la la” chorus will be burrowed into your brain for a while. I recommend having other music on-hand as a chaser to this video.