Happy Fourth of July Buzzhead! I'm sure you all have big plans tonight, throwing back a couple cold ones and setting of tons of legal explosives, but before you head out to the lake or the bar or where ever you may be going, let us remember what today is all about, freedom. Freedom to say and Tweet what we want (although the Government is listening), freedom to go where we want (the government is watching you) and freedom to be who we are (watch out for drones you independent thinkers).

While we may take some of our liberties for granted, today is the day to stop and think about how we as a country got to this point and to remember all the great men and women who gave their lives to make this country the greatest in the world.

This is the day that we declared our independence from Great Britain, hence the name Independence Day, and we should be proud that we are free and able to do what we want. So let's get this party started with a few good laughs like only FunnyorDie.com can provide. The videos below may even help you come up with a few ideas for your own Fourth of July holiday.