Any excuse to put your head between a girl's knockers and rock it from side to side while making a vibrating sound is a good one, but these guys have the best excuse ever.

If, like me, you've never heard of Simple Pickup, it's a website that gives guys tips on how to pickup women and inadvertently has given a few pervs with bad intentions and a video camera ideas on how to cop a cheap feel.

Nonetheless, the dudes from the site came up with the brilliant idea of donating twenty bucks for every motorboat they got to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Talk about takin' one for the team. The dudes had the miserable experience of motorboating enough chicks to raise $2,080! I bet them sumbitches still haven't washed their faces. I know I wouldn't have.

The fundraising doesn't stop there, though - for every 100,000 views the video gets this month, they'll donate $100. So get to watching and share this link to do your part for breast cancer awareness.