What is the most that you would shell out for a piece of gum? What about a used piece of gum, meaning that someone had been chewing on it and then spit it out. Well some crazy person (let's just assume it was a KISS fan) paid $250,000 for an old piece of gum that had recently been in Gene Simmons' mouth.

With all the KISS memorabilia out there you'd think a piece of gum would be the last thing on your must-have list. And it isn't even a piece of gum that was being chewed during the band's highpoint, instead it is just a normal piece of gum Simmons happened to be chewing a couple weeks ago on a British show called "Soccer AM." You can see it in the picture below.

The gum went up on eBay on October 2 with the bidding ending on October 5. In that time there was 99 bids all together with the final price landing at 153,800.00 British Pounds, which comes out to approximately $247,710.28 U.S. dollars. That's a boat load of money for a little piece of used gum.

But you're not just buying the gum. This is a package deal. You get the wrapper the gum came in plus the script from the show that the gum was placed on. The buyer remains anonymous, but whoever was smart enough to grab that piece of gum is pure genius. The proceeds will be going to charity, or at least part of it.

Selling used chewing gum on eBay is nothing new and was apparently a trend that was popular back around 2004, when people began selling pieces of gum that they claimed had been chewed by pop star Britney Spears.

The most that one of those pieces ever reached though was a simple $14,000, and that's only because the person selling it raised the bids himself. The most that a used piece of gum has EVER gone for is a whopping $640,000. That piece is rumored to have belonged to Sir Alex Ferguson, and was chewed during his last game as manager of the Manchester United Football (Soccer) team.