Can't get enough of the Simpsons even after 25 years? Well you're in luck. FXX has announced that they will air every episode of the show in an epic marathon.

FXX, who recently brought the rights the air the Simpsons, will play all 552 episodes of the show in one continues, 12-day marathon starting on August 21. So you have plenty of time to prepare all the necessary arrangements.

The up-and-coming T.V. channel also has plans to air a four hour block of Simpson episodes every Sunday night as well as making the episodes available for streaming on their FXNow App sometime in August.

Die hard Simpson fans may recognize that there are a few more than 552 episodes, but you didn't let me explain. The station has the rights to air every Simpson episode, except the ones from the current season.

So do you have what it takes to watch nothing but the Simpsons for 12 straight days? I'm sure be dug into my couch for those twelve days, but then again I was never allowed to watch the show as a child (thanks mom and dad), so I have a LOT of catching up to do.