Everybody has got one or two guilty pleasures in this world. For some its soap operas on T.V. and for others its cheap hookers, but for me.... for me its the Fast and Furious movies. I can not get enough of the LOOSELY street racing based film series starring (most of the time) Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Therefore it is no surprise that when I saw the first trailer for Furious 6 during the Superbowl last February I was so excited I immediately made plans to see it opening night. Despite his reluctance to taking the blood oath I suggested, my testosterone junkie roommate Culver agreed to go with me.

Fast forward to Friday morning and the two of us bought tickets to the 11 am matinee to fulfill our promise of watching the flick on its opening weekend. Despite our grumpiness of having to watch it at the mall theater at Sikes Center Mall, and deal with what another of my friends described as the smell of wet old death, the two of us found our seats and were instantly transported to a universe where if your car is custom, you don't have to obey any laws, including the laws of physics.

The film was an intense thrill-ride, that as long as you don't take too seriously, was one hell of a great movie. It is the epitome of summer blockbusters, and the best film of the series. Its got awesome chase scenes, cool fight scenes, sexy women, The Rock, and as Ludicrous puts it, vehicular warfare where the good guys drive classic muscle cars and take on the baddies in a tank... on a crowded highway!

Bottom line is this: if you and your dude friends wanna have a good time on memorial day... ditch the hot dogs and low lake levels and check out Furious 6 because you will not be disappointed!