This may already be on the top of your bucket list, but you should consider microwaving a bar of Ivory Soap. Not only is it fun for kids, adults will find this just as much fun. Especially if you’re serving cocktails.

I first saw the videos for microwaved Ivory Soap a few years ago and tried it out then, but it’s one of those things that I wanted to revisit. It’s quick, easy, fascinating, and makes your kitchen smell clean.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A bar of Ivory Soap, unwrapped

A plate (you may choose a paper plate for even easier cleanup)

A microwave

Easy enough, right? Place your soap on a plate, place the plate in the microwave, set the timer for a minute or so, then sit back and watch. It should only take a few seconds before you start seeing action through the grates of your modern marvel.

WARNING – Your soap will be hot when removed from the microwave, especially if any of the original bar didn’t expand. Please use caution when handling!

Ivory Soap, approximately 10 seconds into cooking:

Photo courtesy Bethany Lee

Ivory Soap, approximately 50 seconds into cooking:

Photo courtesy Bethany Lee

Ivory Soap, after being destroyed by the microwave:

Photo courtesy Bethany Lee

Ivory Soap contains tiny pockets of air which is why it’s the soap that floats. When those pockets are heated up they expand, which leads to the final product you see after microwaving it.

Is this something you’ve tried? Did you have the same results?