A felon on the run has found himself once again the guest of the Wichita County Jail.  Sonny Dewayne Slay was stopped by Wichita Falls Police almost exactly two years ago near Wichita Falls High School.  Slay fled on foot and was, of course, caught very quickly.  On Tuesday, he apparently thought 'running man' part two would work out differently.  It did not.

One eyewitness told News Talk 1290 she saw a man running down North Beverly Drive and thought 'he looked a little out of place running like that'.  The quick presence of police confirmed her assumptions.  24 year-old Slay had once again been spotted by police. Officers tried to approach him as he was exiting a vehicle to have a chat.  And once again, he ran, but he did not run so far away.  Additional officers responded to the area and Slay was quickly caught at the intersection of North Beverly Drive and Old Iowa Park Road.  Slay was understandably winded, tired and guaranteed a ride in a squad car.

Police say he is being held on outstanding warrants and evading arrest.  He is currently held without bond in the Wichita County Jail.