The greatest thing since this is better than that.

Now in Texas it is hard going to a hot game during the day and being able to enjoy a nice refreshing beer without it getting warm. Well the Los Angeles Dodgers have just introduced a new keg that will put a little bit of frozen foam on the top of your beer. Now as of right now the only beer to feature this new tap is an Asian beer called Kirin Ichiban. If you want to try this beer, they have it on tap at Ghengis Grill on Kemp. It will not have the cool frozen foam on top of it though.

The foam actually comes out of the keg at 23 degrees and it is a huge hit with the fans. Over the offseason the Dodgers spent 100 million dollars upgrading the stadium. New HD screens, WiFi, and better cell phone towers in the stadium. If your a fan like me, I think the best upgrade is this Kiran Tap.

Check Out the Frozen Beer Foam Tap Below: