You’re watching a tense scene on television or a movie, when suddenly a snarling cat jumps out. It can add comic relief, scare you even more, or thicken a plot line. Think of Church in ‘Pet Sematary.’ Seeing that frisky feline as an undead creature didn’t make you feel better, it made you want to send it back to its final resting place. You’ve seen your share of freaky cats on film, and this is the supercut.

The question you may ask, as I did, is how several of these cats got into the places they’re jumping out of. Though cats do indeed get stuck in cabinets (as mine do) from time-to-time, films show that cats are constantly stuck in lockers, closets, and garbage cans. Cats on film are different than your typical house cat, however, in that when they’re released, they hiss and spit and make as much noise as possible.

Joel McHale and ‘Community’ said it best in a scene where a cat crosses the path of the actors several times, leading one of them to ask, “Is someone throwing it!?” The scene was so funny that I had to add it in as a stand-alone video below.