This sounds like something a kid who was home alone eating nothing but junk food would come up with. Wait a minute, now this makes sense.

So it seems like every night this week 'Home Alone' has been on some channel, putting everyone in the holiday spirit. You can't help but wonder, what ever happened to Macaulay Culkin?

Turns out he has started a tribute band to Velvet Underground and every song revolves around pizza. So it seems like Macaulay is more obsessed with pizza than a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

The band has come out with a nine minute demo and it is pretty strange hearing nine minutes worth of music dedicated to pizza. I just hope somebody ordered Macaulay a plain cheese because Buzz ate all of his last time. Hopefully someone doesn't have to barf theirs up. Quick, Kevin, get a plate.

The Pizza Underground Demo:
01 Papa John Says
02 I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice
03 Pizza
04 I'm Waiting for Delivery Man
05 Cheese Days
06 Pizza Day
07 All the Pizza Parties
08 Pizza Gal
09 Take a Bite of the Wild Slice

 Check Out the Pizza Underground Demo Below: