I actually can't believe people could actually go watch a Panthers game, but now the ownership is not even letting you see the game.

If you know nothing about hockey the Florida Panthers are a joke. They actually benefited from the NHL lockout because they were not making that much money. So by not having to pay all these people to work they actually made a few bucks. I think if you have a cat type mascot and your a professional sports team in Florida you need to move. I am talking to you Jacksonville Jaguars.

Well last night during the Red Wings and Panthers game one of the panes of glass broke, which happens from time to time. So they have to replace it, well it appears that they replaced it with a piece of cardboard. It actually is a piece of glass, but they forgot to take off the protective cover. Screw it, I know when I pay for behind the goal front row seats I want to stare into a sea of brown.

Check Out the Florida Panthers Mistake Below: