Doing it on an airplane is a pretty popular fantasy, but in the post-9/11 era, it's also something that could get you detained by an air marshal or added to a no-fly list.

And since most of us can't afford a private jet if we want to join the mile-high club, there's a company out of Cincinnati, Ohio that's filling the gap.

It's called Flamingo Air, and it's the only company in the U.S. designed specifically so you can join the mile-high club.

It's $425 for a one-hour private flight, where you and your date can get-it-on, or I guess you could go solo?  The plane is small and tight, so you have to get creative, but that's part of the mile-high experience, right?

Flamingo Air has actually been around for a long time, although they've been kind of underground.  They've had thousands of couples join the mile-high club.  Hopefully they have a good cleaning crew.

And interestingly enough, they say that 90% of their flights are booked by women - usually they want to spice things up or get out of a sexual rut.

But does joining the mile-high club on a flight that allows it the same as doing it on a regular commercial airline flight?  Some of the allure comes from the fact that you are doing something scandalous and naughty, right?