I won't hide it, I'm a fanboy for Five Finger Death Punch. They are some hard rocking, down to earth, and badass live on stage!. Rocklahoma has kicked ass.

They took the stage around 11, opened up strong and kept the flow going throughout their entire performance! The Friday night crowd in Pryor was bigger than in past years, and they ate up everything Ivan threw out there! It was a fantastic show for all of us.

I can remember way back in 2007, I was sitting in the Downtown Z Studio going through the days mail. Going through a dozen or so label discs, FFDP's 'The Way of the Fist' stuck out in a pile of demos. I guess it was the bitchin' album art that made us throw that disc in the player.

It didn't take thirty seconds into the first track for Critter and I to decide this was the next evolution in the genre. (ok, I dug it... Critter kept reminding me how they aren't Slayer) In they went, and I remember spinning it for the first time when I was still running 7-Midnight on Z back in the day.

A string of bitchin' albums followed... War is the Answer, American Capitalist, Wrong Side of Heaven - Righteous Side of Hell Vol 1 & 2... These guys kick much ass.

Check out our gallery of photos from Five Finger Death Punch's performance at Rocklahoma 2014: