If you're like me, you were on the fence about buying the new Madden with the new consoles set to ship in a few months. Really, what could we be missing?

The trailer is the first footage of Madden in action on the Xbox One and PS4 (it’s unclear which system this was running on), and truth be told, it looks a fair share better than the current-gen versions. Running on EA’s new Ignite engine, it’s apparently able to deliver 10 times the level of detail and a boatload of enhancements, from typical tweaks like shinier helmets to newfangled concepts like skin ‘subsurface’. Let's not forget the blades of grass.

The trailer is really all about visual tweaks, so no real news here about how any of this business will affect the gameplay. EA has bandied about a few new features specific to next-gen. A new motion system called ‘True Step’ and enhanced ‘Player Sense’ AI.

Released back in August, Madden NFL 25 for the Xbox 360 and PS3 was received well by critics, though many noted that it was mostly an incremental upgrade, perhaps due to the looming launch of the next-gen versions. Here’s hoping PS4 and Xbox One owners get their money’s worth when it arrives on November 12 and November 19, respectively.

Now I will probably wait to get my next-gen console for a few months. It seems nowadays the first models are always a little buggy. However, I do not think this next-gen Madden is worth spending another sixty dollars on.

Check Out the Next Generation Madden Below: