A guy was willing to run back into a burning house for his beer, what would he have done if the whole brewery went up in flames?

The fire that caused an estimated $1 million damage to the Yuengling Brewery in Tampa, Fla., on Saturday night wasn't as bad as it looked and will have no effect on the brewing operations or distribution, the plant manager said Sunday morning.

"The fire looked a lot worse than it really was," said Jim Helmke, speaking from the scene. Tampa fire marshal investigators looking into the massive blaze at the Yuengling Brewery on North 30th Street said the fire appeared to be accidental and have concluded their investigation. On Sunday, they turned the site over to adjusters and investigators with the brewery's insurance company.

Helmke said the fire started several stories up in an exterior wall and most of the damage was confined to that wall, he said. Flames never reached inside and never damaged any of the beer in storage there."None of the product was jeopardized," he said. I think from all of us beer drinkers we say thank goodness none of the product was jeopardized. Who knows, it may have had a cool smokey flavor.

Check Out Footage of the Yuengling Fire Below: