Despite all that is going on today(Oct. 14th), NFL football, Playoff baseball, people jumping from space, I am looking forward to one thing and one thing only. The ongoing saga of the zombie apocalypse. Tonight marks the return of AMC's The Walking Dead, a show that follows former Sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors through the daily struggles of life after the world as we know it has ended due to a zombie outbreak. The show is based on a series of graphic novels, or long comic books, by the same name.

Season 3 of what I feel is the best show on television will see Rick lead his party to the safety of a prison, while also struggling to keep his son and pregnant wife safe. This season also introduces two new characters that are fan favorites of the comic series Michonne, a samurai sward wielding B-A and a villain who called himself The Governor  If the teaser from comic con a couple months ago is any clue this season should also mark the return of Merle, a hillbilly racist who was left for dead on a rooftop surrounded by zombies back in season 1. Better hope you do not have Dish Network,however, because they are still in a tight gridlock with AMC and have taken the channel off their service.

I can not wait for the premiere tonight... hopefully this teaser trailer will get you as excited about it as I am!