We all pretty much knew that unless everything fell apart at the list minute, the original lineup of Black Sabbath (I still have a hard time referring to the latest Dio fronted lineup as Heaven & Hell) would be reuniting.

It's pretty much a given that they would tour but what I really hungered for was a new album from the band. And my wish has been granted. Not only do they already have half an album's worth of material written but they're bringing in the ol' barefoot Buddha himself Rick Rubin (who just happens to be one of my all-time favorite producers).

The way Sabbath captivated the metal world with the cryptic 11-11-11 image on their website as we all awaited the rumored announcement on said day proved they are still relevant 33 years after putting out a full-length album. Myself and lot of other folks consider Black Sabbath to be the true fathers of metal and I'm genuinely excited to hear what the next album's gonna sound like and you can bet your ass I'll be in the seats when they roll through DFW.