Ty Morin has 788 friends on his Facebook friend list. He realized that he didn’t necessarily know all of them, or hadn’t seen them in many years, so he set out on a quest to meet up with each of them personally in order to reconnect on a face-to-face level. In order to accomplish this task, he’s doing a Kickstarter project to get the funds to complete his project. Along the way he’ll document the meetings and spend time with each person doing something they enjoy. The completed project is slated to be called Friend Request: Accepted.

It’s a novel idea because most people have “friends” on their list that they barely know, if at all. Almost every day I come across a post on my news feed and have to ask myself, “Who is that woman?” You’ve probably done the same thing yourself.

Morin estimates that his project will take approximately three years to complete, and there’s no word on whether or not he’ll be adding friends to his list has he works on the project. His Kickstarter project has already been funded, but still has a few days left. If you’re interested in joining this cause, get all the details here.

Watch the video for Morin’s idea for Friend Request: Accepted