Fatback Circus called me for Homebrew last Sunday and did more than give us a good dose of the music, they secured the number one spot for concert/tour stories!   The interview overall went great and was a lot of fun, which should give you an idea of how much fun a live show would be.  The band consists of twin brothers Nathan and Aaron Campbell, Garrett Ross and Dalton Chamblee.  Check out the audio from the show if you missed out, and their record breaking story is a story that takes a while to process.  This band began by growing up together in Stillwater, OK.  After several band member changes and a move to Austin, Texas, these guys currently boast a stellar line-up that they have maintained the longest.

Their sound is unique and definitely not a "cookie-cutter" sound where all they did was change the lyrics leaving the songs sounding the same.  From guitars to the melodic vocals, this band puts out a great set of songs with their latest self titled album "Fatback Circus." According to the band it's a collection of their best and favorite songs all rounded up into one album, an album that is not their first.  They showcased "Dustbowl Blues" and my personal favorite, "Women," on the show, but you need to listen to the rest of their album so you don't miss out on the great sounds these guys bring.

The best way to get info on the band is at the official Fatback Circus website, where you are overwhelmed with information, pictures and videos.  Fatback Circus is a must buy and listen.  Order it from their site or hit up iTunes if you want it now.

In case you missed it, here is the audio from the Homebrew Interview and a couple of Fatback Circus' songs:

Fatback Circus Interview Part I
'Dust Bowl Blues' - Fatback Circus
Fatback Circus Interview Part II
'Women' - Fatback Circus
Here's a few more pics of the guys from Fatback Circus: