Dying Fetus are gearing up to unleash Reign Supreme, their latest offering of slamming Death Metal sometime towards the middle part of this year but as you can imagine they're premiering some of the tunes on their current North American tour with The Faceless and Job For A Cowboy.

A fan in Albany, NY was kind enough to upload some footage of the band doing "Invert the Idols" last Friday night (3/2) and I definitely get what main-man John Gallagher meant when he said Dying Fetus was going back to their roots on the new album. Not that the band ever deviated too far from their original sound but I think the fact that so many bands have been doing breakdowns since the early 2000's made Fetus shy away from the "slamming" aspect of their sound that hooked so many people like myself back in their early days.

While I've personally never been disappointed by Dying Fetus, I definitely lean toward their earlier stuff and "Invert the Idols" is about as catchy a tune as I've heard from the band in a while.