I've never really liked cats and after seeing this report, I probably never will.

A family in Oregon was enjoying a nice, quiet evening with their 7-month-old child and their 22 pound pet cat when the unexpected happened, sort of.

The baby pulled the cats tail, because that's what babies do. But the cat didn't really like being pulled and scratched the baby a couple times. The father responded by kicking the cat, just like any normal person would do.

That's when everything went horribly wrong.

Instead of running away to nurse his wounds, the cat launched into attack mode, chasing the family into a bedroom where they managed to lock the cat out of the room.

If you thought the story ended there guess again.

The family then called 911. You can tell that the dispatcher had never heard of anything like this before and she knows it's real because you can hear the cat screaming in the background.

Eventually the cops showed up and subdued the cat. And in a crazy turn of events the family has decided to keep the possessed feline and seek out help for his kitty anger issues rather than doing the world a favor and putting him down.