Every year the San Diego Comic Con there are teases, trailers and announcements that get all the nerds, geeks, fanboys, and yours truly so excited they need to change their pants.

This years event was no different. Several awesome announcements and spectacular trailers were shown during the convention but in my opinion there is one that stands above the rest. An extended trailer for the 4th season of The Walking Dead. I admit I might be a little biased considering I think it is the best show on Television.

The show, which centers around former small town sheriff Rick Grimes as he leads a group of survivors following the Zombie apocalypse, is getting ready to begin its 4th season in October and the stakes have never been higher. Rick's group now faces new challenges in what seems like a crumbling fortress they have made home for several months.

If you have never before watched the show I urge you to watch the trailer below and then catch up on Netflix between now and October. If you are like me and are counting the days until the season 4 premiere. Enjoy the trailer below and feel free to speculate on what the next season brings for our favorite group of survivors.