Let me begin by saying there is nothing in this world I despise more, than TV talent shows. Shows like American Idol and The Voice are bad enough, but why must the American public be subject to Nick Canon and Howie Mandel every summer for 8 or more weeks of craptastic acts that no one in their right minds will ever spend money on to go see in Las Vegas. Well.... maybe this guy.

But I feel it is necessary to admit that I do get one minor glimmer of amusement out of these Reality talent searches. A rare diamond of awesome in a world filled with nothing but coal. Terrible, terrible, often talent-less coal. What is that you might ask? The random and completely balls to the wall acts that defy not only logic, but are too insane even to reside in your nightmares. Some are not intentional, like poor William Hung, some are normal people with one good schtick, like the "pants on the ground" guy.  But Let me introduce you to an act that tops them all. During this year's Eurovision competition, which is apparently a music competition that has occurred every year since 1956 and includes every country in the European Broadcast Union, a band by the name of Winny Puhh took the stage and the rest will forever be burned into my memory. No word on whether or not they took home the victory in the competition, which I can only assume is a truckload of psychedelic drugs.  Enjoy!