Man I love SportsCenter. It's my daily entertainment when I go home for lunch and usually while I'm in the studio doing my show. But as much as I love SportsCenter there are just some analysts that I can't get behind because I feel like if you didn't play the game on the level you're analyzing, you can't truly understand the game the way those who have do.

Enter John Clayton, NFL analyst for ESPN. He never played the game (at least on the pro level) but his smug arrogance while debating former players gets under my skin in a bad way. Don't get me wrong, he's an insider and obviously knows his stuff and I respect that, but I still have that prejudice against him never playing in the NFL.

While that hasn't and will likely never change, I love the new SportsCenter promo he's in because well, he's sporting a Slayer shirt and skullet wig and totally plays up the metal loving old dude that refuses to move out of mom's house when he's not on the job.

Good job by the creative folks behind SportsCenter's promos - they almost always hit it out of the park and they damn sure did on this one.