For years I’ve dreamt of winning the lottery. The first thing I’d do is buy one of those really expensive cat playgrounds for my feline friends. Or maybe I’d buy a house. Either way, it doesn’t matter because I’ll probably never win. When winners are announced, I find that I’m rather jealous. A man in Spain is feeling a bit jealous as well, since his entire town won the lottery, but he didn’t.

Costis Mitsotakis was overlooked when his town of Sodeto bought lottery tickets for a Christmas lottery. About 70 households participated, and there had been homemakers going door-to-door to get townsfolk to purchase the tickets. The jackpot was worth $950 million. Ouch.

For whatever reason, Mitsotakis was not a part of that winning pool, and now he gets to watch everyone celebrate while he sits back, seething. Or at least I’d be seething if it were me.

On a positive note, he’s been trying to sell some land recently, and one of the winners purchased the land. He’s making at least a little money off of the win, though it’s not in the way he’d like to see it.

What do you dream of doing with your lottery winnings when you finally match all of your numbers?