Oh my God South Park is now available on Hulu, you bastards.

'South Park' has been one of the biggest animated shows since it came out in 1997 and I feel old when its been out that long. I am a big fan of the Netflix streaming service and they used to have every South Park Episode on there. It was awesome being able to watch some of my favorite episodes from back in the day whenever I wanted. Out of nowhere South Park was suddenly unavailable on Netflix.

If you wanted to stream episodes of South Park legally you had to go to South Parks own website to watch them. Well a huge partnership has gone down with Hulu hooking you up with every episode of the entire series. As of right now their are 244 episodes of South Park to watch and the new season will start on September 24th. So go get a case of beer and some pizza. So you can binge watch one of the best comedies of my generation.