Enslaved's new disc RIITIIR is so good. Album of the Year good. It's been in steady rotation here at Casa del Thrash for the last couple of weeks and the thing that gets me about it is that it actually gets better with every listen.

And I'll be totally honest with you, I didn't "get" Enslaved when I first heard 'em.  A lot of times for me it's just a case of a band playing a style that I'm not really looking for at the time and as someone who listens to a LOT of bands, records don't always get a second chance with me. Good for me because now I have an entire catalog to go back and discover via my beloved Spotify.

As the title would suggest, the new video for "Thoughts Like Hammers" is devoid of Enslaved. Instead the band embraced their inner stoner and went with a video featuring nothing but shots of mother nature. I definitely would've preferred to at least get a performance video but it's kinda cool to zone out to.

RIITIIR is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.