There are so many energy drinks that it's incredibly hard to make a list of the top ten. However I attempted this hard feat. Here is my list of the top ten energy drinks

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    You can find Redbull at every convenient store, it mixes well at parties, and has a marketing slogan that everyone knows. "Redbull it gives you wings!" Only downfall for an 8oz can it's a little pricey. Still love it!

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    The coolest can award goes to Monster! Once again, Monster is a little pricey, but they have an assortment of Monster products to choose from. Reason I rated them low? Well there was an incident that happened early this year that I can't get out of my head... Mouse in Monster can.

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    Rockstar offers tons of choices and usually 2 for $4 deals when you buy their drink.

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    This drink has an awesome name, it's perfect for jokes. "I need some bawls." Besides the humor inducing name it has a really good taste. I found these at United Market Street.

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  • 5

    5 Hour Energy

    Pros: It gets the job done. Cons: How small is that for $2.99?! If I'm going to pay that much I want a little more to sip on.

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    It's good if you need train for a triathlon.

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  • 7

    Rip it

    I've noticed it's really popular with the military and it's just a dollar! Weak on choices to find it but it tastes pretty good. By the way if you live in Wichita Falls I found it at Dollar Tree.

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    It's good and makes you feel energetic, but it's too similar to Mountain Dew. However, they do have an awesome commercial...

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  • 9

    Full Throttle

    Full Throttle has died down in popularity. I used to love these things back in '07, but times change. Maybe it's because their marketing sucks?

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  • 10

    Xyience Xenergy

    I love this stuff! It's $1.99 and has tons of flavors to choose from, but I have yet to find it in Wichita Falls. It's in Dallas, but not here! So I rated them low for that...

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