They may be metal legends now, but in 1980, EMI Records was less than impressed with Venom. Check out their response when the band submitted their demo:

Bart Gabriel Tumblr

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that a company who call themselves 'The Greatest Music Company in the World' would be complete dicks but c'mon, that letter represents a whole new level of douchebaggery.

Of course, EMI's low opinion of Venom didn't affect the band as they eventually went on to produce some of the most influential metal of the 80's with albums like Welcome to Hell (on which the three songs from the demo appear), Black Metal and At War With Satan. While I seriously doubt EMI have lost any sleep over the fact that they told Venom to 'f*ck off' back in the day, the band have more than made their mark in metal history and for my money, that constitutes getting the last laugh.