LL Cool J has a new album out. Do you care? While you may not be huge fan of LL he did collaborate with a bunch of different artist on his record including Snoop Dog, Travis Barker, Earth, Wind and Fire, Tom Morello, Brad Paisley and... Eddie Van Halen, which adds a unique layer of diversity to the album.

Yes you read it correctly, LL teamed up with Eddie Van Halen and you can check out the two songs they did together right here! The songs "We're the Greatest" and "Not Leaving You Tonight" sound alright to me but you be the judge, leave us your opinions in the comment section below!

And there is also a half hour special that recently aired about David Lee Roth in which he discusses the band's early days, their comeback, his own life experiences and Van Halen's place in pop culture. You can check this out below as well.