Why can't people wait til they officially won to celebrate?

Now I have not been watching a lot of the X Games, but I caught this on Sportscenter over the weekend and had to share it. Meghan Rutledge was comfortably leading the women’s moto X 12-lap race Saturday night when on the final lap, she pumped her right fist at the top of a jump. She thought she had the race in the bag, then nosedived her bike and fell. This allowed Vicki Golden to pass her, win the gold and complete a three-peat.

“Honestly, I thought she had it,” Golden told ESPN. “As I came over I heard the crowd just screaming. As I looked, I saw her on the ground and just skimmed the whoops as best I could because I knew it was going to be close. I was in shock: she had a huge lead.” So kids don't celebrate until you have officially won. You will just look like a huge idiot when you blow it.

Watch The X Games Celebration Fail Below: