When you live in Australia I'm sure you get use to seeing eagles and snakes and kangaroos doing all kinds of crazy things, but one group of rangers still got a big surprise the other day. They had set up a camera at a gorge on the Margaret River back in May in order to capture video of fresh water crocodiles, but the camera disappeared shortly after being set up.

The rangers believed that the camera had fallen into the water and was lost, until a few weeks ago. The rangers received a call from another group of rangers saying they had found their camera near the Mary River, some 110km (68.35 miles). So how did the camera end up so far away?

It turns out that the camera was recording when it was stolen and the rangers had managed to pull a few video clips of the thief from it. The video revealed that the camera had been picked up by a sea eagle and flown around the Outback. The bird eventually landed and decided to snap a few selfies before abandoning the camera.