Duff McKagan told NME.com in a recent interview that while he's out on the road...hence not getting any from his wife...that he finds himself mistaking his male band mates for members of the opposite sex.

"You're away from your wife and whatever, and I don't fuck around – but there are no women on the bus," he outlined. "All of a sudden, well, your bass player's got long black hair, he's wearing his little sister's pants, and out of the corner of your eye he looks like a hot chick."

He added: "We call it 'road gay'. We don't actually act on it…"

When I first read the headline I almost spit coffee all over my monitor. The first thought that went through my head was "Shit - Duff McKagan's bi?!!", not that I would hate on him for that but I never pegged him for anything other than heterosexual.

Anyway, Duff's autobiography "It's So Easy (And Other Lies)" is due out October 4 on Touchstone Books.