I've liked KoRn since the first time a heard their self-titled debut...it just sounded really fresh to me. They were heavy yet really stripped-down and raw and at the time I never really thought they would blow up the way they did. Yeah, there was a certain amount of accessibility to their releases after Life Is Peachy but their core sound was still there and it still is today.

2011 sees a rebirth of sorts with KoRn in that they have begun to experiment in the world of dubstep - a form of music(?) I won't pretend to know anything about but is apparently pretty big with the kids these days. What started as an experimental one-off EP has evolved into what may be the next era for the band. Time will tell but the success of their collaboration with Skrillex, "Get Up" (a tune they were working without an album to support) apparently turned a few heads within the KoRn camp and their record label Roadrunner so the decision was made to go for the full enchilada.

The Path Of Totality drops December 6 and features collaborations with the aforementioned Skrillex, 12th Planet, Noisia, Kill The Noise, Datsik and Excision.