Are you ready for the most epic prank ever pulled? Plus there is an extremely good reason that they pulled this prank so it only makes it that much better.

The guy being pranked is an alcoholic and of course he did what all alcoholics do. He got so drunk he passed out. So his friends set up a fake hospital room in an empty room and moved him into the room. The man woke up and was immediately told that he had been in a coma for 10 years.

The friends pulled the prank to hopefully get the man to change his way. The best part though is when the fake news program came on. That's true dedication to film an entire fake news program.

A few of the headlines aren't too surprising though, like Miley Cyrus getting kicked out of her trailer park. I could see that happening in ten years. You can see the video for yourself above and remember, don't drink and drive!